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I'll be adding some new items in the very new future.  We're just getting into our 2nd season with the popup, so are just starting to find things that we feel need to be "customized". 

Tip #2 - We recently purchased Coleman emergency blankets and placed them on top of the bunkends. These are a highly reflective material...kind of like aluminum foil. We used clothes pins on the perimeter of the bunkends to hold them in place. It was amazing what a difference they made in keeping our popup cool. An added benefit was that at night when it got down into the mid 40's, when we would usually get condensation collecting on the ceiling of the bunkends, with the blankets the bunkend ceilings stayed dry. We purchased ours at Target for $1.99 each. See the pic to the right...we hadn't had time to trim to size yet, but it got the job done.